"I just wanted to say thank you to all the ladies who worked so hard to make all the delicious food for our party.  Everyone enjoyed the food and several people asked who did the catering.  They were thrilled when I told them what sort of venture The Sorghum Sisters are.  

Everything we ordered tasted so nice.  The felafel, the two types of sambosa with the delicious yoghurt dipping sauce, the meat kofta (although there was rather a lot of sauce which made it tricky to see the kofta!) but tasted beautiful nonetheless.  No chicken drumettes remained.  The two curries were so tasty.  We had the zigni and kiki.  Perfectly cooked rice. Good quality tomatoes on the salad.  Lovely sour-tasting injera.

And we also appreciated the presentation, and prompt delivery."

- Kathy Lang

'Thank you so much for the effort you put in to organise this last minute catering request, I really cannot thank you enough.  I’m sorry that I haven’t written to thank you sooner, it’s been nothing but hectic, as you must be!  The food was absolutely amazing, and all of our guests and Board members were ecstatic with the catering that was provided.

I was truly impressed with your commitment and dedication, and am extremely grateful that you responded on your day off, going far beyond your duty and my expectations!  I greatly admire your thoroughness and professionalism, and look forward to asking the Sorghum Sisters to cater for our events again.'

- Kei Judd, International Women's Development Agency