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Sorghum Sisters presenting at National Multicultural Women's Conference

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Inaugural National Multicultural Women’s Conference 2016 – Influencing change: Vision and Impact.

Our vision is to create a collaborative, inclusive and engaging platform to share knowledge, inform the national agenda, and recognise and celebrate the outstanding contribution women from diverse backgrounds make to our society.

Last week the Sorghum Sisters were involved in fantastic and inspiring conversation at #NMWC2016. A great opportunity to share the positive benefits that migrants and multiculturalsim bring.There were plenty of tales about the success of bringing comunity and business together for social change. And co-presenters provided fabulous examples of how diverse people have vastly different experiences and bring so much value in the workplace. The Sorghum Sisters utilise traditions and culinary skills of refugee and migrant women to promote multiculturalism by producing unique & delicious food, and providing employment, training and work experience. 

Luntime Session

Lunch session: Social Enterprise and Practice Fair

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